Hotel Management Courses gives you a Lucrative Career in the Hospitality Industry


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Many students overlook the flourishing courses accompanied by a prospective career. Unfortunately, in India, engineering and medicine are considered the major career options for many students. This outlook has been significantly changed since the inception of IT industry. However, the students are dodging like a horse with blinders towards IT industry. In India, besides the IT industry, many fields have plenty of career opportunities for high salary jobs. There is another booming industry, without showing off the flashes showing dramatic growth. Yes, it is hospitality industry. The surge in the travel and tourism and hospitality sector boosted the employment opportunities. To step into a lucrative career, you should have proper qualification offered the institute of hotel management. There are many hotel management courses available to pick.

Would you not love to get trained during the course, to enroll in a top paying job? What should you study to get a free training, which will emerge into a lucrative career? This is all about hotel management courses. Courses for hotel management are job and career oriented courses associated with extensive practical training. Most of the hotel management courses offer you a great career in the reputed star hotels and chain of restaurants.

The hospitality industry in India is booming with an unlimited number of career opportunities. India is one of the most wanted and most visited travel destinations, enticing the westerners. Travel and tourism industry is in a growing pace attracting more visitors. The growth and development of a chain of luxury hotels, resorts, travel industry, etc are running short of talented hospitality professionals with operational excellence!

Hotel management courses pertaining to the hospitality industry is embedded with hands-on training as a part of the academic curriculum. It has become very obvious that no one with any degree or diploma leaves the institute of hotel management without a good paying job in hand!

Class 12 students who are interested in pursuing an interesting and prospective career with a top paying job can join the hotel management courses. The luxury chain of five-star hotels, resorts, and even the tourism industry offers different types of career opportunities for the students.

The various courses for hotel management include, food crafting, bakery, housekeeping, food and beverages, canning and preserving, food science, the art of culinary, etc. The degree courses range from three to four year programmes.  Besides, there are one year certification and diploma courses like All-Round Etiquette, Confectionery, Bakery, etc.

In addition to getting a lucrative career in the resorts and hotels associated with the study institute, you can get a promising career in the Aviation industry, a chain of hospitals, cruise liners, and even in the Armed Forces.

Where to study the hotel management courses?

The majority of the hospitality diploma courses are offered by the special institutes; Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management is one of the leading educational institutes in Mumbai, offering a range of academic programs in the hospitality sectors. The institute offers four different types of hotel management courses that give a successful career.



Skilled employees’ high demand drives hotel management courses


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In India and across the world, the hotel brands are expanding and flooding the market space with new supply, which is increasing the demand for the talent. Job opportunities in the hospitality segment have swelled in the marketplace by many folds, especially growing requirement of workforce tilted towards the skilled people. It has led to the growth in hotel management institutes all across India that is designing exclusive courses for hotel management.

Job strength

As per the survey by the Ministry of Tourism, every year 2.03 lakh trained hospitality professionals are required out of which 66 percent of people are needed at the skilled level, and 34 percent are required at managerial levels.

With a broad scope of employment in the hotel management field, if your passion is to service and look after visitors and guests, cook, meet and interact with new people while catering to their needs, then the hospitality industry will be an ideal career choice for you. The course in hotel management trains people with numerous skills. It enable students to manage various jobs efficiently including work at concierge, restaurant, administration, management, marketing department and much more.

Entry requirement

All those who have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination with English as a subject can consider enrolling for a hotel management course to pursue a career in this ever-growing hospitality field. There are significant numbers of hotel management institutes in Mumbai that offer hotel management courses, training people with essential skills while helping them develop a career in the hospitality sector.

After completing studies at the Institute of hotel management Mumbai, you can expect a proper scope of employment of being hired in a food production segment that involves designing and creating food. Other options for graduates of the Institute of hotel management includes working at the food & beverage service (F&B) that cater guest’s needs at a restaurant, etc., and front office, which involves welcoming the guests with efforts to serve all need of the guest during their stay.

Lastly, housekeeping is another area where the staff ensures every requirement within the room is well taken cared. Also, the hotel management course graduate can find a career working at the wellness industry like spa and fitness etc., as these places also require looking after the guests experience.

Besides the jobs in hospitality segment, the training of hotel management courses Mumbai can also open up career options in banks, hospitals, telecom and BPOs, etc., where communication, customer relations, business development, human resource function, sales and marketing skills become essential and of prime importance.

The money motivator

The hotel management institute fresher can get a compensation starting at Rs 7,000 to Rs 15,000, and after merely two years of hotel training the pay can rise to Rs 26,000. Moreover, chefs and general managers can expect their pay to reach in lakhs, once they set their mark in the industry. Hence, when studying at hotel management institute in Mumbai be ensured that even the fresh graduates can find them in employment soon after education, which is not easily seen in other areas of work. There are many different benefits of being employed in this industry, like travel concession, retirement plans, generous maternity leave and sick leave.

A hotel management college – your ticket to promising hospitality sector


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If you aspire to take up a career in hotel management industry, then selecting the best hotel management college will be your right way to move forward. India is rapidly growing its appeal of being a global destination that has seen tremendous growth in the tourism and hospitality industries. The government is also boosting this segment by investing in the development of hospitality, tourism and its related sectors.

The sector is evolving rapidly, being one of the fastest growing industries of the present era, offering a high demand for hotel management professionals. There are increasing numbers of hotels that are established in India and across the globe; hence the job opportunities in this field are humongous. This has resulted in setting up of several hotel management colleges across many Indian cities, and mainly Mumbai that is the primary business and financial hub for India.

Hospitality training

The hotel management college is known for offering specialized hospitality training to produce the future hotelier leaders of tomorrow. A good hotel management college will focus on recruiting, educating, training and informing students on different areas of hospitality programs that will match various people’s career aspirations.

The hotel management college in Mumbai is known for producing several pioneers in the hotel industry that have managed to obtain a job in leading hospitality groups across India and even are placed aboard. Students studying at the hotel management college are trained in business, human resources and customer service, and more skills that opens up a vast range of job placements options and high-income career opportunities.

Degree program

Students that aspire to take up a career in the hospitality industry will find the degree program is enhancing and developing them – professionally and personally, also improving their soft-skills like organization, communicating or working in a team, serving, revenue management, accounting and facilities management, among several others.

If you have a pleasing personality, have a good sense of humour, communication skills, can focus on various tasks at the same time and desire to be a part of the ever-growing hospitality segment, then obtaining a degree in hotel management from one of the reputed hotel management colleges is necessary.

The course will prepare students for managing various positions in the hospitality industry that are rewarding and lucrative. And that’s not all, as being trained in a hotel management college gives the students a benefit of working in the industry where they can meet, interact and converse with a diverse range of people from around the world including celebrities, politicians and VIP professional.

So, if you enjoy being social, making friends and meeting travellers from around the world, then a degree from a leading hotel management college is a vital step forward to achieve your dream.

Other motivators

Money is a big motivation, and upon completion of a diploma or degree course in hotel management, you can earn an impressive salary with an entry level salary for a new graduate being around Rs.7000 to Rs.10,000 that rises fast with growing experience in the field.

The degree from a hotel management college also opens up your opportunity to live and work in exotic destinations of your choice, while you pursue your passions in your career – be it love for cooking or wine tasting that is incorporated in menu planning and ordering, or interior design hobby used to remodel the hotel etc. Therefore, pursuing to earn a hotel management degree can open up your path towards an exciting career ahead

Why Masters in Hospitality?


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A master’s degree is generally pursued by students who wish to gain more expertise in a particular field. A master’s in Hospitality usually comes in the form of a MSc. in hospitality which gives the students the opportunity to receive exhaustive knowledge in the field of hospitality. Some of the benefits of undertaking an MSc in hospitality are:


  1. Financial aspect:

In the field of hospitality, budgeting and other financial activities are extremely crucial, wherein even a small mistake could cost you a lot. In such a case, it is important to be thorough with the financial aspect of running a hotel. A master’s curriculum makes sure that when you get out of college, you are prepared to take on the responsibilities of a hotel’s finances.

  1. Legal aspect:

When an executive works in the hotel industry at a top-level, he/she has to be familiar with the legal requirements of a hotel/ resort/ restaurant. There are various legal procedures, permissions, and obligations that are to be met at a luxury hotel and thus, in order to understand them and act on it, you need to be well-versed with the legal aspect.

  1. Promoting your services:

When your are handling the functioning of a hotel, it’s not just internal working that you need to take care of, but also external features like marketing your venture. The advertising and marketing functions need to be looked after with expertise, as the advertising promotion is what will attract your guests towards your hotel. A lot of people form their first impression of a hotel based on the quality of advertisements that they put out; so it is important to have knowledge of brand management so that you can maintain a great brand image for your organization.

  1. Introduction to complementing industries:

As you’d know, there are a few industries that complement the hotel industry, like tourism, travel, and event management industries. A masters in hospitality degree will introduce you to the working of these industries as they are constantly intertwined with the hotel industry. This will not just increase your efficiency at work, but will also give potential employers an incentive to hire you.

  1. Starting your own venture:

While the above mentioned points are important for a manager of a hotel to understand, it is equally important for a person who wishes to start his own venture. When you start your own business, you are heading the team and thus, you must have expertise in the field you have decided to explore.


Benefits of Hotel Management Courses


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Education is the first step for achieving success in any field. There is a huge choice of educational institutions in every field that you would chose to pursue. If an aspirant wishes to make a successful career in hotel management, a good education in that field should be a priority for him/her. There are various benefits of pursuing a hotel management course and a subsequent career, and some of the benefits are:

  1. A good Kick-start:

A good educational institution will give you a kick-start in your career. After deciding on what field you want to get into, within Hotel management, it is important to perform an in-depth research on which institute would best serve your goals. Enrolling into a hotel management course will also give you the chance to meet new people and learn from other’s experiences. Opportunities like Classroom learning, internships, placements, and meeting people working in the industry can be gained only from an educational institution.

  1. Opportunities to explore other fields:

When you enroll for a particular course in an institute, you get exposed to various other courses that are taking place simultaneously and thus, you could get acquainted with a lot of other topics within hotel management. For example, if you wish to pursue culinary arts, enrolling in a reputed institute would allow you to understand the functioning of other aspects of the hotel like budgeting, restaurant management, and customer care.

  1. Work Experience:

Work experience is one of the most important aspects of an all-rounded education in hotel management. This could be done in the form of internships, placements, or even on-field projects given in the middle of the semester. These experiences will teach an aspirant the nuances of a career in the hotel industry. It would be relatively easier for you to land a job in a reputed organisation through a reputed college.

  1. Credibility:

When you pursue a degree from a hotel management institute, your name gets attached to that of the college and thus, you imbibe some credibility because of the same. An employer looks for this kind of a credibility while recruiting a graduate. Your degree is a proof of all the years you have spent honing your skills in order to be ready to be employed.

The first step to making a career in any field is to thoroughly understand the educational qualifications required and then to relentlessly pursue it with passion, hard work and sincerity.

Hotel management courses


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SRIHM is an ISO 9001-2008 guaranteed instructive establishment offering division particular post-graduate projects in Event Management, Hotel Management, Healthcare Administration, International Business Management and Infrastructure Management. The pushed of these projects is to set up the understudies to take up testing parts inside their separate areas, and change them into future pioneers. The Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development – SRIHM – plans to be an operator of progress in changing human potential to beneficially employable human capital with a high venture file. hotel management course

Best hotel management college for culinary arts


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Are you looking for a good hotel management college to pursue a course in hotel management? Do you want placement assistance along with world class curriculum? Then come join us at the Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel management where we offer best in class hotel management courses taught by experienced faculty. We believe in the practical approach to teaching and thus we have our own virtual hotel where we teach our students by making them work on real life scenarios. We are also the proud receiver of Education Excellence Award for being the best hospitality management college in Mumbai in the year 2015.

Learn How To Make Your Career in Food Media Course


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Since recent times, food media course has been something prevalent. The reason could be the easy access to internet and the ease of sharing information. However not everyone tries their hand in food media course. It is a lively world of experiment, display , recipe, colour and taste. People with interest and passion for food are more into this industry.

For many it is the weekend joy while for some it is what earns them their daily bread. People doing food media course say that they are happy doing what they love and enjoy dedicating their time to food media.  Anyhow you may wonder , if taking up food media course can actually help you make a career out of it. Well, here we explain how one can actually let go their “9 to 5” job and dedicate their whole time to food media and still make a living out of it.

Make a career in food media course

  • Start blogging

Blog is a renown way of making an earning. Blogging is actually a genuine career option. You can start your own food blog under a reasonable domain and start reaching out to maximum number of crowd. This will make your name and work familiar among the crowd in turn bringing in more traffic to your blog.

You can earn through these blogs by hosting advertisements.

As your name resonates among the masses , you will have more opportunities in the industry.


  • Food and travel shows

The food media courses include food blooding, recipe development, food photography etc. One can combine all or concentrate on any one specific field to make a career in it. There are numerous food and travel shows popping up on television, which opens windows of opportunities for the aspirants. If you have the magic in your hands to create that perfect recipe, or the perfect display of food with fresh and yum looking elements, you can find a career in shows and even online channels.

Prepare your portfolios with as many photos as possible to make the right impression. For a smoother start you can join an established photographer and get that click right!


  • Food stylist

Food stylists have high demand as they portray food at its best. Their garnishing and photographs take the dish a notch ahead that its original. You can style food for magazine photo shoots and shows. Well known brands of food actually hire stylist for advertisements on televisions, billboards, pamphlets etc., giving you a commercial opportunity to make a career in this field.


  • Books and editorials

You can also etch a career in food media through writing. You could do food copy writing, or write books and eBooks or even better, turn a food critic. You can write  reviews of food or product descriptions  for magazines, newspapers or online websites which will pay you.

Food media courses offers you huge options to choose from. It is said that if you choose your hobby as your career , you will never feel like you are working. Hence if you are passionate about food and interested in food media course, do not think further. Find your career in food media course and earn just like a professional.

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Career Changing Opportunity For Hotel Management Students.


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Do you believe in the practical approach to learning? Do you want to learn the minutiae of hotel management from none but the best? Then come join us the Sheila Raheja institute of hotel management. We are known all over the country for our detailed curriculum and our courses in hotel management. We also believe in the practical approach to teaching and thus have our own virtual hotel where our experienced faculties train our students of every possible scenario existing I the hotel industry. Also, after completion of the course, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students so that they get a kick start in their career in hotel management.

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Best institute of hotel management for students bright career


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Are you interested in joining hotel management course and looking for the best institute of hotel management in Mumbai? Then join Sheila Raheja Institute of Hotel Management and get best hospitality and hotel management knowledge needed for getting started in the field. We were awarded best  hospitality management college in Mumbai in 2015. The courses we offer are B.Sc. in hospitality studies, M.Sc in hotel and hospitality administration, BA in culinary arts, and other related courses. The courses are divided into semesters so that students can understand things more easily and in detail. If you want to join any of the above-mentioned course, call us now!

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